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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  July 25, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> operation protective edge enters its 19th day in gaza and the decile has risen to over 800. 80% of the casualties are palestinian civilians. among them, 200 children. palestinian officials view this as war crimes and on friday they the complaint at the international criminal court. israelis have refused to they won'tsaying
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back down until militants stop firing rockets across the border. >> residents taking away bodies, the victims are mostly civilians. men, women, and children. according to unicef, more than 180 miners have died since the start of the offensive. hamas is accused of using them as human shields i stashing weapons in mosques, schools, and hospitals. -- nothing remains of this house for many residents had been sheltering. >> the house was empty but people came to live here. at least 200 people. the israelis caught the neighbors and told them to tell the people next door to evacuate.
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neighbors came to tell everyone to leave the house. >> they hit friday morning including the senior islamic jihad leader. the conflicts now threatening to spill over to the west bank after a palestinian was killed on thursday night after violent clashes north of jerusalem. this friday, the last of ramadan, they gathered for prayers, and braced for unrest, israeli troops beefed up security and restricted the most important mosques to women and men age 50. the same broke out in east jerusalem and around the west bank. in that report, five palestinians have been killed in the west bank where shooting took place. it is not clear what happened,
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exactly, but eyewitnesses say clashes took place between israel he troops and protesters. west andre travels to the today to tell us more about what he witnessed. >> we witnessed one of these clashes but it was pretty low intensity, really. israelis had the to beef up their system. around east jerusalem, there were helicopters in the air, a massive police presence and surprisingly, there weren't that many clashes. there have been casualties, but this morning, we were at the edge of the mosque, where we wherealking about reports people spent the night to be able to pray. a very important day. it is the last friday of ramadan
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and hopes that younger people had been sleeping there and there was a real possibility of a clash. we went to the usual flashpoint. clashesee smaller scale close to robin on and people we did speak to were telling us that they didn't really expect clashes in the daytime. , they werehe fasting expecting more tonight, thinking that it might go quite violent as well. people telling us you were for more of what was going on in gaza. >> the israeli security cabinet has rejected that deal. what is their reaction to this? hearing, this
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announcement is that it is as much as the cease-fire being rejected but there were reports that it was negotiating better conditions. what i can tell you about the isaeli street, the mood here that 33 soldiers were killed since the beginning of this factd offensive and the that the army is inside, people on the whole are saying that that job needs to be done completely. it needs to be destroyed totally in order to not have to go again in two or three years. it is the first military peopleon since 2008 and do not want to see a soft one in a few years time. >> a pro-palestinian protest scheduled on saturday, security
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forces fear the rally could turn violent after two other with anti-semitic slogans. >> news on another developing story from concerns that there were no survivors on board the flight. the plane crashed in the desert on thursday taking 118 people including 54 citizens. the cause of the accident is still unknown, french soldiers uncovering a blackbox giving clues as to what happened. investigators seem to blame the bad weather but they haven't ruled out terrorism. we get the first available footage of the wreckage. >> the very first images to emerge from the crash site. smashed apart on impact, the remains of the plane are barely recognizable. scattered across the sand.
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the video was filmed by soldiers that have yet to reach the scene. >> the captured images. you can see that they spread all over the place which makes the investigation very difficult. >> at the crisis center, it makes for difficult doing. >> my condolences to the family. >> claiming the lives of more than 100 people, nearly half of them french. it is a truly global tragedy. they are currently receiving psychological help. expected tohey are
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meet with president along on saturday. i'm of the children have never taken a plane until now while others were on their way to attend a wedding. >> 70 years old. he had been in the west african nation for six years. >> when i first heard the news, i thought that it wasn't true. it is, in fact, my friends plane. we are waiting for news. >> the other victims, a family of seven. a mother and father and their four children were on holiday visiting family when they left
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behind this family. >> i hope to see my brother back from vacation today. i know this won't be possible. he was my younger brother. i just had my mother on the phone. she is in shock. it's hard. >> the resident was also on the passenger list. and ofve been working all the people killed in the disaster, nearly half were french. 14 other nationalities were also represented on flight 5017. >> the french foreign minister gave a press conference and said the investigation could be tricky.
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difficulty on the ground cannot be underestimated. they can be as quickly as possible. and other countries concerned. >> you can always check out the live blog for all the latest information on this crash. they were able to find pictures of the crash site and details of the ongoing investigation. at the u.s., out accusing washington of carrying out campaigns to moscow. the state department was firing artillery into the ukraine to target ukrainian military positions. the u.s. also believes pro-russian separatists accidentally shot down there malaysia planes.
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most of their bodies have now been flown to the netherlands. >> on the tarmac, two dutch military planes are loaded. more remains of those killed last week when the flight moved from the skies over the ukraine. over 100 coffins have already arrived in the netherlands. experts warned it may take months before all those on board are identified. hundreds gathered for the speedy return of the dead. crew wereng all the malaysian. prime minister tony abbott says he is close to finalizing a deal with the ukraine to help secure
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the crash site. >> i expect the operation on the ground in the ukraine, should the deployment go ahead to last no longer than a few weeks. engage and all we want to do is to climb out there and bring them home. behuman remains continue to found at the website -- at the crash site. even chasing investigators from the site at gunpoint on thursday. the rebels did hand over the lockbox recorders earlier this week. they said that there is no evidence that the boxes had been tampered with. troops havessian
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been amassed along the ukrainian border. it could be handed over to pro-moscow separatists. a $100,000 reward on his head. the son of the south korean tycoon has now been arrested. sunk three months ago and cost the lives of many. it comes after a nationwide manhunt and several investigators who continued for six weeks. authorities had no idea it was him. they finally confirmed his death the couple of days ago. for u.s. journalists are being detained. for the washington post and his wife were taken into custody earlier this week. the reason for their arrest wasn't clear.
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has dual nationality, u.s. and iranian. his wife is a rainy and and works as a journalist. the other two detainees appeared to be freelance photojournalist. here isu're joining us, a reminder of our top story. truceall for a seven-day in gaza as the last friday of ramadan is marked. they have rejected a cease-fire deal. the blackbox has been recovered a day after it crashed in northern malley -- northern mali. a dutch and the strategy and team are coming another wreckage in eastern ukraine, a malaysian airlines flight went down and 14 police officers are given a helping hand.
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it is time to look at the business markets. the most watched yearly sports event in the world. it provides a great chance for sponsors to reach customers in person. it is estimated that altogether they give away 16 million different gifts over three weeks. >> representing 40 different lands -- brands. the minimum to participate in
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the caravan, there are just a few seconds to capture the crowd tension. >> they get their money back because the risk of investment is there. event, theyl sports give away 1.5. it costs money but is worth it in the long run. >> yorkshire in northern england, the sausage maker trying to promote there was a tough sell. jumped.soil, sales
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>> we can be straight with the consumer and they can try it. >> suddenly i have a craving for sugar and sausage. we will move on now. the number of french jobseekers has been a record high. the total number of job seekers, the french government has pledged. fastestver 50 the looking for improvement -- employment.
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fisa shares are pulling the dow lower,ndustrial average it was lower than previously stated. europe, shares lower after the luxury goods group, disappointing earnings. , aboutso traded lower 1.5%. they kept the one-week auction
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rate at 0.5% to eight percent. due to heightened geopolitical risks. in turn, it could boost inflation. closing 2.6% higher on friday. they also unveil a new five-year plan which includes an expansion. and british b-sky-b is set to take control of the sister company sky italian and skied which land -- sky deutsche land.
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rupert murdoch's 21st century fox's selling the assets for nearly 6.8 billion euros. he is also b-sky-b's biggest shareholder. we will be back again in an hour time. >> time to check out what is >>nding on the internet. welcome to web news making the online headlines. coming up on today's show, a teenager under fire for taking a selfie. and they have a better birthday. they probably weren't expecting her selfie to go viral but that
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is exactly what happened after the american team posted this picture online. smiling away on a visit to the former concentration camp auschwitz in poland. it was made -- met with widespread condemnation. many have taken to a describing it as inappropriate behavior. millions of people died in this cap and there is nothing amusing about that. they are now famous. we see her grinning alongside for example. using the scale is a backlash, her mother has taken to the web to defend her daughter. she has posted a series of tweets explaining the context in which the photo was taken. she studied the holocaust with her father and they planned this trip together.
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this is not the first time this type of controversial selfie has gotten such debate. they explain in the past few months, they have seen them taken in auschwitz and others posted to social networks. they have all sort of wacky shots in somewhat dubious taste. >> hoping to gather as many birthday cards as possible for the special day. earlier, they posted this message, an american boy who has an inoperable brain tumor. see, these are setup up to track his progress.
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they are from across the united states. in addition to the 8500 plus birthday cards, there is also 900 gifts to his great delight. the wave has far exceeded all expectations and the parents have expressed their greatest thanks. and this heart warming doesn't end there. some users have contributed to the crowd funding campaign set up to help pay for his treatment. raiserents were hoping to $15,000 but ended up with over $25,000. this should be enough to cover the hefty medical fees. the 75th anniversary of the first appearance, they declared
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it an unofficial that matt batman holiday. show them inorks cute crusader costumes. they demonstrate the ongoing popularity back in 1939. 2.5 per kilometer, the new zealand airport has the most expensive airport in the world to fire a taxi to the city center. this info graphic was put together by the company and reveals that it costs $45 to travel 10 kilometers between the church airport and city center. oakland, you pay $78 to make that journey into town.
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the new yorker, they gave free access to the archives. back in 1925, it was pretty memorable. they are ones in genocide. working for ea sports, the editor decided to reproduce it in the real world. and you can see it on youtube, it is extremely well put together and is usually popular. it has racked up over 2.7 million hits.
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